Ep. 85 - RSDirectory! Frontend Presentation

Using RSDirectory! you can, for example, set up a directory where people can post adds. You can charge them for each field they fill in through the use of credits which, in turn, need to be purchased.

Credit packages

You will then be able to sell credit packages through the Buy Credits menu item. It's functionality comprises of choosing the desired package and a payment processor through which the transaction will be made.

Listing entries

Submitted entries can be displayed through the List Entries menu item. You can choose to only list entries from certain categories and order them based on the categories they are associated with, if your scenario requires it.

Each logged-in user can have a look at the entries he has submitted (if any) in the My Entries menu item.

User account

Users can check their account information through the My Account menu item. It's split into 3 tabs for easier identification: General (provides some information on the number of remaining and spent credits, as well as the number of entries posted from the current account), Transactions (the user can review the status of all the transactions he has made from the current account) and Credits History (a listing of how credits were spent).

Adding entries

You need to first select the category in which you wish to add the entry. After doing so, the component will deploy the entry addition form associated with that category.

Categories from field values

The Categories from Field Values menu item is capable of creating categories based on a field's predefined values. Clicking on a category will list all entries that have that particular value selected for that field.


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