Ep. 84 - RSDirectory! Backend Presentation

RSDirectory! has a well-organized backend management area. It was designed as follows:

Managing Entries

Entries can be added / managed in the Entries tab. When accessing it, you will see a listing of all entries, along with some information related to them, like the author, the form used when submitting it, created / published / expiry date and others.

Credit packages and Transactions

The extension allows selling credit packages through the PayPal, Authorize.Net and 2CheckOut payment processors, as well as Offline payments. Naturally, a transactions management tab was also needed:

The Transactions tab provides information on the credit package (name, price, offered credits), gateway, currency, tax and the total amount paid. This information can be filtered as well.

Forms and form fields

When creating forms, a different approach was taken compared to our other components. Form fields are now managed separately and can be assigned to any form you wish.


The Configuration tab houses a multitude of options which allow you to change the component's behaviour: Date and time display and Break type and choose to Load Bootstrap or jQuery, choose between using the Joomla! Global Configuration settings or your own when sending emails, set up the currency you want to use in your transactions, the currency sign to have displayed (where applicable), as well as some settings for the decimals and thousands separator. The component also offers some image customization possibilities like adding watermarks (set their position, size and opacity), setting up the image's positioning and thumbnail sizes for all image types.

The CAPTCHA and reCAPTHA antispam methods are present. They can be configured in the Captcha tab. You can enable comments for the website's frontend using Disqus, Facebook Comments and our own RSComments!.

Frontend users can add ratings and reviews for each entry. This functionality can be enabled / disabled in the Ratings tab.

If you have altered the way a form's Title, Big / Small subtitle and Description fields are being generated (using templates), you will need to regenerate them for the settings to apply.

For more detailed explanations on how the extension can be configured and used, please visit the RSDirectory! section in our documentation.


Dawid Lisowski - 02.11.2020 (05:12:52)
10:21 rs comment not implemented

I had installed the rsdirectory with rs libra template but the is no rs comments available like on the video timeframe 10:21


Alexandru Plapana - 14.04.2015 (07:25:08)

Currently, an RSDirectory! can't be assigned to multiple categories.

PS: This will be included in future revisions.


Tony - 11.04.2015 (11:50:58)
Importing Entries

How do I import entries into many categories? I have hundreds of categories and do not want to select a category each time I import entries. Is there a way to specify the category id in the csv file for the imported entreies?


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