How to compare two fields using Javascript

In this article we will describe how to create a simple form with RSForm!Pro with two email fields.

The following script will be used to compare the value of these fields so you can get a confirmation that the data inuted by the user is correct.

You can start by creating a new form and add 'Compare' as 'Form Title' and 'Form Name', second you will need to add two 'Textbox' fields named 'email1' and 'email2' and finally add a 'Submit Button' named 'Compare'. While editing this button, add in the 'Additional Attributes' area the following snippet:

onclick="return checkEmail('email1', 'email2');"

After you've setup these fields, go to the "CSS and Javascript" tab and paste the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkEmail(theForm)
 if (document.getElementById('email1').value != document.getElementById('email2').value)
alert('Those emails don\'t match!');
         return false;
    else {
         return true;

Click "Save" and test this form, you should receive an alert box if their values don't match.

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