Update a field from Community Builder

Due to the flexible nature of RSform!Pro you can even update a field from a third party table. To do this, you will have to use a script, placed on the Scripts called on form process area:

// Get a database connection
$db    = JFactory::getDBO();
// Get the current logged-in user's data
$user  = JFactory::getUser();

// Setup the query
$db->setQuery("UPDATE #__comprofiler SET cb_audio1 = '".$db->escape($_POST['form']['audio'])."' WHERE user_id = '".$db->escape($user->id)."'");
// Execute it.

The above script will update a field named cb_audio1 from the _comprofiler table with the value got from a form value, named audio.

All fields in RSForm! Pro can be accessed through: $_POST['form']['NAME-OF-FIELD']. Replace NAME-OF-FIELD with the actual name (not caption!) of your RSForm! Pro field.

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