Retrieve author email address in Sobi2

I am using a form in a Sobi2 item. How can I retrieve the item author's email address in the form?

In order to achieve this, you will need to add a Hidden Field to your form and use a script similar to the following one in it's Default Value area:

// Get the ID from the URL.
$id  = JFactory::getApplication()->input->getString('sobi2Id');

// Get a database connection.
$db = JFactory::getDbo();

// Setup the query.
$db->setQuery("SELECT `owner` FROM #__sobi2_item WHERE `itemid`='".$db->escape($id)."'");
$owner = $db->loadResult();

// A user ID has been found in the database.
if ($owner) {
  // Get the owner's user properties.
  $user = JFactory::getUser($owner);

  // Return the email address.
  return $user->get('email');

Note that the code tags from above are mandatory for the script to work.

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