Display the country from which the form is being submitted

In this article we will describe how to get the IP address of a submitting client and displaying the country which it belongs to.

In order to achieve this functionality, just create a hidden field with the following code placed in the "Default Value" area.

try {
  // Let's cache results for better performance
  $cache = JFactory::getCache();
  // Grab the IP
  $ip = JFactory::getApplication()->input->server->getString('REMOTE_ADDR');
  // Call function through cache
  return $cache->get('rsform_get_ip', $ip);
} catch (Exception $e) {
function rsform_get_ip($ip) {
  // Get the HTTP transport
  $http = JHttpFactory::getHttp();
  // Create the URL for the API request
  $url = 'http://api.geoiplookup.net/?query='.urlencode($ip);
  // Get response
  $response = $http->get($url);
  // Check if request is successful, a 200 code should be received.
  if ($response->code == 200) {
    if (preg_match('/<countryname>(.*?)<\/countryname>/', $response->body, $match))
      return $match[1];
  return 'Unknown';
Let's say, for example that you named your hidden field "location". To display the calculated value in the "Thank you" page or email just use this syntax: {location:value}.

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