Will the component work on my Joomla! installation ?

Each of our components have certain minimum requirements that are needed to be met in order for them to properly function. These minimum requirements are specified on each product's page in the Technical Specifications tab.

We have thought about this and have developed a component specifically for testing, called RSTester!.

RSTester! is a compatibility testing component for our products and can be downloaded for free here.

Simple steps to perform a compatibility test for your Joomla! installation:
  1. Download RSTester! - Joomla! 3.x
  2. Install the component through the standard Joomla! installer(Extensions > Extension Manager).
  3. Access the component by going to Components > RSTester! and perform the compatibility test for the product you wish to purchase.

These steps are illustrated below:

For any other inquiries you can submit a customer support ticket.

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