Staff Members

Staff members are assigned Joomla! users that respond to support tickets. They need to be assigned to one or more departments and must belong to one group.

  • Username: Here you can search for a specific username in the user list. The user which you select will be set as staff member in RSTickets! Pro.
  • Group: The group the staff member will belong to. You must select only one group. The staff member will be able to perform the actions defined in the group.
  • Departments: Select one or more departments the staff member will belong to. Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple departments.
  • Priority: The staff member in question will only receive tickets that have the selected priority level. This is applied only when using the auto-assignment ticket type (can be configured from within the Departments > Tickets area).
  • Signature: You can type a signature for the staff member. A WYSIWYG editor is available in order to customize the text. The signature will be added to ticket replies that the staff member will post.

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