RSTickets!Pro Menu Items

The access to the front-end functionality of RSTickets!Pro is done via the following menu items:

Knowledgebase Article

Creating a Knowledgebase Article menu item will allow you to display a certain article from your knowledgebase. Besides the usual, standard, Joomla! menu items parameters a simple select box has been added to easily point out the article to be displayed.


Knowledgebase List

This menu item type will create a listing of all your configured RSTickets!Pro knowledgebase categories and articles. The following parameters are available:

  • Order Articles By: order articles Default / Hits / Creation Date / Modified Date / Article Title
  • Order Direction: Ascending / Descending
  • Description: hide/show - will display the category description
  • Show Filter: hide/show - will display a search filter
  • Show Table Headings: hide/show - this will display the table headers of the article listing
  • Show Article Hits: hide/show - Set whether you want to display the article hits or not
  • Show Pagination: hide/show - will display pagination
  • Show Pagination Limit: hide/show - will display how many items you wish to display per page

Change Signature Layout

This menu item also addresses only RSTickets!Pro staff members. Here, one can add/edit his signature. The signature can be automatically added (using a checkbox) at the end of ticket reply.


Predefined Searches Layout

As the name implies, one can define and save a custom search that he uses more often - like open tickets for example. Using this menu item will allow you to manage these searches: edit/delete and set a search item as default. It is to be noted that the predefined search layout only addresses the needs of staff members.


Tickets List

Adding a Tickets List menu item will display a list of tickets:


  • Show Filter: Show all tickets available to the user / Show only unassigned tickets / Show tickets submitted by the logged in user / Show tickets assigned to current logged in user / Show both (assigned and submitted).
  • Priority: filter tickets based on the selected priorities.
  • Status: filter tickets based on the selected statuses.
  • Table Headings: show/hide.
  • Order: default / last reply / subject / status / priority / replies.
  • Direction: ascending / descending.


  • Offset: show/hide
  • Date: show/hide
  • Last Reply: show/hide
  • Code: show/hide
  • Replies: show/hide
  • Customer: show/hide
  • Priority: show/hide
  • Status: show/hide
  • Assigned To: show/hide
  • Time Spent: show/hide

Search Layout

The Search Layout will allow you to search through already submitted tickets. It is to be noted that if you are logged in as a customer it will search on tickets that belong to the logged in user. If the user is a staff member it will search through tickets that are accessible (is assigned as staff for a department). In both instances, the search will be performed on the ticket subject and message fields. Furthermore, you can perform the search only on flagged tickets.

RSTickets!Pro offers a advance search option. Here you can filter out the result based on the following criteria: customer (username or email address), staff member (username or email address), department, priority and status. The search results can be filtered by: last reply, subject, status, priority and replies, ascending or descending.


Submit Layout

The Submit Layout will allow one to post new tickets. It is basically the ticket submission form.

As a parameter, this menu item has a Department option. Setting this will open up the ticket submission form with the configured department selected by default.


Dashboard Default Layout

The Dashboard Layout introduces a single frontend focal point for RSTickets!Pro actions. Accessing the dashboard view, the user will be able to: search the knowledgebase, submit new tickets, view existing tickets, search for tickets, browse through the knowledgebase or directly view the current tickets of the logged in user. This greatly reduces the number of required function specific RSTickets!Pro menu items, by having a single focal point.

The menu item includes the following configuration options:

  • Submit Ticket Description: Text area, add a description for the Submit Ticket link here
  • View Tickets Description: Text area, add a description for the View Tickets link here
  • Search Tickets Description: Text area, add a description for the Search Tickets link here
  • Knowledgebase Item ID: Provide an item ID for the Submit Ticket, View Tickets and Search Tickets. The pages these links redirect the user to will be displayed in the same manner as the page that has the item ID provided here
  • Show Knowledgebase Categories: Set this to Yes in order to display the Knowledgebase categories
  • Show Latest Tickets: Set this to Yes in order to display the latest added tickets
  • Number of Tickets: Used in correlation with the Show Latest Tickets option, sets a number of tickets to be displayed

User Remove Data

The User - Remove Data displays a simple option where logged in users can request, according to the GDPR legislation, to have their data removed. In order for this to work, you will need to enable the 'Allow Self Anonymisation' from Components > RSTickets!Pro > Configuration > Data Protection area.

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