Create a membership that provides access to a category of articles

By default, RSMembership! provides the possibility to easily restrict access to Joomla! Content articles and categories (as well as other well as other website content, but we will not address this in the present article). In this article we will describe the process of offering access to Joomla! Content categories through RSMembership! memberships.

Create the membership

Head to Components >> RSMembership! >> Memberships and click on New. Each membership's configuration options are split into a number of tabs, each grouping options that are specific for a certain feature or purpose (Memberhsip Information, User and Admin Emails, etc.).

You can read more on how to fully set up a membership in the RSMembership! section of our online documentation


Set up Shared Content

1. Open the Shared Content tab. Here you can set up which pages (through URL's), modules, folders, menu items and, alas, Joomla! categories and articles can be accessed by users who own the current membership.

2. Click on Add Content and a pop-up will be opened, containing a listing of which website content you can restrict access to.

3. Click on the (com_content) Category link.

4. Check the category you wish to add as shared content for the current membership and click on Add the selected items.


Note: Please refer to RSJoomla! TV Ep. 35 for a video tutorial on implementing Joomla! Categories access restrictions.

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