Uploads are not working

Make sure that these permissions are configured correctly:

  1. Joomla! /tmp folder is writable
  2. Your upload folder (default is usually /components/com_rsform/uploads) is writable
  3. The relative path you are trying to access (www.website.com/components/com_rsform/uploads/file.doc) points to the correct absolute path of the upload folder (/var/www/mywebsite/components/com_rsform/uploads)
Two ways you can check if Joomla! folders are writable:
  • from Joomla! backend > System > System Information > Folder Permissions.
  • from your FTP account.

This can also be generated by the misconfiguration in the upload form component's accepted File Types. The correct way is to put each type on a new line. For example:


Note: PHP has a default upload limit of 2 Mb / file. This can be adjusted to your needs by modifying the php.ini file:


Always keep the post_max_size larger than the upload_max_filesize.

Some hosting don't allow reading local php.ini files and you'll have to directly contact your hosting to perform these adjustments for you.

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