Dynamically adjust email and thank you message content without PHP knowledge

A common need of RSForm!Pro users is to remove uncompleted fields from the User/Admin/Additional emails, Thank You message's text, or even the Manage Directories emails. Until now, achieving this was possible (see this article), but a little too complicated for non-PHP savvy users.

We have simplified this process by adding a custom syntax to be used in your message body.

This syntax is based on a simple if condition and looks like this:

{if {name_of_field:value}} Display this text if the form_component field has a set value.{/if}

You will have to replace name_of_field with your actual field's name.

Note: The syntax is similar to HTML as it has an opening and an ending tag.

RSForm!Pro also allows you to compare the value of the field when using if statements.


{if {name_of_field:value}}The submitted message is {name_of_field:value}.{/if}
The string found within the {if} syntax will not show if the field has no value.

The {if} clause also accept the following operators:

<= , >=, <>, <, >, !=, =,==,===, <-, ->

Assuming that you have a checkbox and you need to compare its value with a specific string, you will use:

{if {Checkbox:value}<-Item1}This text will be displayed if the Item1 value is selected, regardless of any other selections{/if}

If you want to display a text if the checkbox has only at least one of your desired values, you will use the following syntax:

{if {Checkbox:value}->Item1,Item2}This text will be displayed if one of the following values is selected: Item1 or Item2, or if both are selected. It will not display if another additional value is selected{/if}

If you want to see if the user entered a specific value into a field you can use the following syntax (works for a single checkbox value as well):

{if {field_name:value}=Your desired value} this text gets displayed only if the placeholder has the "Your desired value" value {/if}

You can also compare two placeholder values using <, >, <= or >=

{if {field_name:value}<{other_field:value}} this text will be displayed if {field_name:value} has a lower value {/if}

Notice the blank space between "if" and the field placeholder.

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