Transforming a conversation into a knowledgebase article

In this article we will explain the process of setting up the conversion of an RSTickets!Pro conversation into a Knowledgebase article.

You might want to convert some of your tickets to Knowledgebase articles, as, for example, they might be referring to questions that your users frequently ask. To address this need, RSTickets!Pro incorporates the Article Conversion Rules feature that enables you to set up rules based on which the component will automatically convert the ticket into a Knowledgebase article.

Configuration steps

  1. To create a new rule, head to Components >> RSTickets!Pro >> Knowledgebase >> Article Conversion Rules and click on the New button to the upper-right side of the screen.
  2. Name your rule.
  3. Click on the green + button in the Condition area to add a new condition.
  4. The conversion rules are based on one or more If conditions that you can customize based on drop-down selections.


    If Message -- is like -- Your text here -- and


    If Department -- is equal to -- Tech support

    To remove a condition, simply click on the orange - button associated with it.

  5. Choose the RSTickets!Pro Knowledgebase category you want the articles to be saved in from the Publish to Category drop-down.
  6. Set your article and rule publishing options.

- the conversion will only apply for the entire ticket, not particular ticket replies.

- triggering this conversion is only done from the backend area, while accessing the ticket you'll find two buttons on top: "Convert (Manual)" which will allow you to manually choose the category and article options, and "Convert (Automatic)" which will utilise your Article Conversion Rules.

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