Pass ticket submission form information through URL parameters

RSTickets!Pro allows pass information for the ticket submission form through the URL used to access the form's page.

This feature is particularly useful if you wish to spare your users the trouble of filling in some information in your form. Here's an example:


This URL will set Hello as a default value for the Subject field and will select the department having the ID = 3 in the Department dropdown.

In order to correctly construct such an URL, you need the internal names of the fields that you wish to pass values to. To do so, inspect the element with Firebug or a similar dev tool and copy the name attribute value. Below you can see the HTML code for the Subject field's input. You'll need to use jform[subject] in the URL in order to pass a value for that field.

    <input id="jform_subject" type="text" aria-required="true" required="" value="Hello" name="jform[subject]">

Here's a list with all the default fields' names:

  • Your Email - jform[email]
  • Your Name - jform[name]
  • Department - jform[department_id]
  • Subject - jform[subject]

If you are using an editor, you won't be able to pass information to the Message field using this method. You'll need to first disable the editor (in System > Global Configuration > System > set Default Editor to Editor - None). Its internal name is jform[message].

Tip: When adding the first parameter to an URL (if you have SEF URLs enabled, for example), you need to use the ? character. For the second parameter (and third, and so on), you'll have to use & instead.

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