Statistics View

Since the 1.19.0 version a new feature has been added: Statistics View. Full changelog is available here. This feature is available in the admin panel through the "Statistics" menu item within the component's Dashboard.

General Tab

In this section will be provided general information regarding the site (such as Domain age, Google Page Rank, Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn Shares etc.) and information regarding the Most visited pages.

Keywords Tab

Using this section you can select a keyword from the top right corner dropdown and see its position stats. In order to your site's actual Google position when using a specific keyword, head to Keywords section in RSSeo! and click the Refresh button associated with this keyword. Afterwards this information will be shown within the Statistics View section.

Visitors Tab

Here you can find information regarding the site's visitors and pageviews. You can select the period from the right top corner and see an accurate statistic of the visitors, accessed links and other options such as Time on page, Referer, User-agent or IP.

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