The Reports feature is used to generate a PDF file containing various SEO related statistics of your website. You can access it from the backend area, Components > RSSeo! , then click on the "Reports" menu item.

The PDF report file can be generated on-demand, by clicking the top Generate report button, or by sending it as an email attachment (triggered through a cron job as follows).

Cron options
  • Enable Cron report Yes / No.
  • Report frequency - Weekly / Monthly
  • Report day - a day of the week selection, or the day of the month selection according to your report frequency option.

You will need to make a server cron job using the following URL (replace your website name):


If you're unsure how is this done, you can contact your hosting for assistance.

Email options
  • Report email(s) - Set what emails will receive the report. For multiple emails please use the comma separator.
  • Subject Set the email subject.
  • Message Set the email message body

  • {sitename} placeholder can be used to return the website name within the Subject or Message contents.


PDF Options
  • Font: Select your desired font. Choose from: Times Roman, Helvetica, Courier, DejaVu Sans (Unicode), Firefly (Unicode)
  • Orientation: Select the document orientation from Portrait or Landscape
  • Paper size: Set the documents paper size. By default this option is set to A4.

SEO Reports
  • Site statistics: includes site data in the report like domain age, Google pages, Alexa rank and other statistics.
  • Last crawled pages: includes a list of the latest crawled pages in the report.
  • Most visited pages: includes the most popular pages in the report.
  • Most frequent error URLs: includes the pages that frequently generated errors.
  • Pages with no title: includes a list of pages that have no title configured.
  • Pages with no description: includes a list of pages that have no description set.
  • Limit: a numerical value to limit the number of entries within your report.


Google Keywords
  • Enable Google Keywords report: - includes information from your Google Keywords
  • Keywords: select which configured keyword(s) to be included in the report.



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