Creating a new page

In this article we'll discuss the options and features of creating a new page. Besides setting a Title you have the followings configuration tabs:

Page Settings

The layout you create can have either a Bootstrap 2, 3, 4 or Bootstrap 5 framework and you can also select to have a Full Width Page or not. An Animate Page option is provided as well if you no longer want elements to animate on your page as per your chosen column animation (this doesn't disable the animation the element itself provides like changing colours when hovering for example, instead effects like fading-in are disabled on that page).

For elements that offer an editor, if you want to trigger content type plugins, you can enable the Enable Content Plugins option.

Creating your layout begins by clicking on the Add Row button and you can use the View Page button at any times to view your page in the frontend area.

Open Graph Settings

  • Open Graph Title: enter text used as title when posting current page on social media.
  • Open Graph Image: choose an image used as thumbnail when sharing your page.
  • Open Graph Description: same as the above, enter your description for the social posting.

Metadata Settings

  • Meta Description: an optional paragraph to be used as the description of the page in the HTML output. This will generally display in the results of search engines.
  • Meta Keywords: an optional comma-separated list of keywords and/or phrases to be used in the HTML output.
  • Robots: robots instructions.


Here, you will find Joomla! publishing options as described below:

  • Status: Published/Unpublished/Trashed
  • Access: set the access based on Joomla! User Groups.
  • Language: within a multi-language installation, you can make the page availability based on your languages.
  • Created Date: the date the page was created - this can be modified with the provided calendar picker.
  • Created By: the author assigned to this page.
  • Modified Date: this will show the date/time when the page was last modified.
  • Modified By: the author who modified the page last time.

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