Uploaded files are not being attached to emails

Successfully attaching uploaded files to RSForm!Pro User / Admin / Additional Emails depends on multiple factors and this might not always work out. Here's what you need to check if you find yourself in the situation where emails get delivered without these files:

File upload field correct configuration

Make sure to set up the file upload field to attach the uploaded file to the User / Admin / Additional Emails:

  • head to Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Manage Forms >> edit your form >> Components >> edit the file upload field >> Attributes tab
  • in the Attach file to field, select which emails the file should be automatically attached to (User Email, Admin Email and Additional Emails)

Your server's settings

Take into account the following server settings: File Uploads Enabled, Temporary Directory Set, Maximum Number of Uploads, Maximum File Upload Size, Maximum POST Size and Memory Limit.

If any of these settings aren't properly set or lower than your particular upload data, your files will be rejected by the server. In this case, your only solution is to contact your hosting provider and ask for a more appropriate adjustment of these settings.

The submitter's email client's settings

If all of the above are correctly set and the emails still get sent without having the files attached to them, it is possible that the attached files do not comply with the settings imposed by the receiving email client.

The Uploads are not working article in our documentation also sheds light on similar issues, have a look!

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