How to modify the submission time stamp format, common format examples

Often, users need to adjust the way RSForm!Pro displays the time stamp for submissions in order to fit the default format used in their country. RSForm!Pro offers the possibility to adjust this globally.

This option can be found in Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Configuration >> Settings >> Date Mask (for Date Submitted) field. The settings applied here are valid for the Manage Submissions area, as well as the date returned by the {global:date_added} placeholder available for the User/Admin/Additional Emails and Thank You message.

The default time stamp set in this field is Y-m-d H:i:s, which translates into year(4 digits) - month(2 digits) - day(2 digits) hours(2 digits):minutes(2 digits):seconds(2 digits), but you can specify any combination, as in the following examples:

  • United States : M-d-y H:i:s - this will result in something similar to Jan-24-14 13:43:52.
  • Europe : d-M-y H:i:s - results in something like 24-Jan-14 13:43:52.

For more information on defining a date stamp, please heave a look at the php reference on the date() function.


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