Forms included in K2 items are being displayed twice

The RSForm!Pro System Plugin enables you to display a form anywhere on your website, using the {rsform x} syntax (where x is the form's ID). This is also available for K2 items, you can add that syntax in their text and the System plugin will replace it with the corresponding form. However, there are certain cases where the forms get displayed twice, although the syntax was only added once.

This issue is being generated by the fact that, if you have not manually set up the item's meta description, K2 actually generates it automatically based on the item's content. In doing so, it also includes the {rsform x} syntax in the item's HTML <meta property="og:description" > tag. Since the RSForm!Pro System Plugin replaces the syntax with its corresponding form wherever it finds it in the page's HTML layout, it will also do this with the one found in the meta description.

To fix this, just make sure that you set up a meta description for your K2 items containing an RSForm!Pro form.

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