How to change the ordering of the System Plugin listing

The RSFiles! System Plugin does not offer any configuration options that would allow you to change the way the displayed items are being ordered. However, there is a workaround for this, using inheritance:

  • Create a List files menu item (it does not necessarily need to be published, you can unpublish it if it does not fit your needs).
  • Edit the menu item and head to the Advanced Options tab.
  • Set up the Ordering and Direction as you need to have them displayed by the System Plugin.
  • Head back to the Details tab and copy the content of the ID field.
  • Go to Extensions >> Plugin Manager and edit the System - RSFiles! plugin.
  • Paste the previously copied ID in the Custom Itemid field.
  • Click Save.

By applying these settings, the System - RSFiles! plugin will inherit the ordering options from the List files menu item.

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