Location module

The RSEvents!Pro Location module allows you to display the location of an event. Note that this module will only be populated on event detail pages.

The module can be downloaded from within the rsjoomla.com > My downloads section. Note that you need to have an active RSEvents!Pro license to be able to do this. To learn how to install the module, please refer to the installation tutorial.


Module specific configuration parameters:
  • Module Class Suffix: the CSS class specified here will be applied to the module container. This allows control to individual module styling.
  • Custom Itemid: links that will be posted via this module will incorporate the item id parameter as specified here.
  • Map width: set the width of the map.
  • Map height: set the height of the map.
  • Map zoom: set the zoom of the map.
  • Show location map: if enabled, this will display a small Google map with the location pinpointed to it.
  • Show location address: if enabled, the specified location address will be displayed.
  • Show location URL: if enabled, the configured location URL will be displayed.

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