Calendar module


The RSEvents!Pro Calendar module allows you to display a small calendar with the event dates marked on it.

The module can be downloaded from within the > My downloads section. Note that you need to have an active RSEvents!Pro license to be able to do this. To learn how to install the module, please refer to the installation tutorial.

Module specific configuration options:
  • Start Month: Select the calendar Starting Month Either choose the current month or any of the year's months.
  • Start Year: Select the start year of the calendar. Leave it empty or 0 for the current year.
  • Default ordering: this is the ordering criteria. If you have multiple events within a single day, these can be ordered by event name or start time.
  • Default ordering direction: ascending / descending.
  • Add nofollow to links: Yes / No - set to Yes add the rel="nofollow" attribute to the calendar URLs.
  • Start day: calendar start day. This can be set to Saturdar, Sunday or Monday.
  • Show full events: set whether to show or not fully booked events.
  • Calendar type: All events / Featured events / Future events / Archived events / User events - choose which events to display inside the module. Future events will display events that will take place after a number of specified days. Selecting this option will add a Days field in which you can specify this number. User events will display only the events owned by the user that's accessing the website.
  • Show archived events: if set to yes archived events will be included.
  • Display events in calendar: if you have events that span over multiple days, you can control on which days these will be marked within the calendar. You can set them to: All days, Only the start days or Start and end days.
  • Show canceled events: Yes/No - if set to yes, the canceled events will be included
  • Custom Itemid: links that will be posted via this module will incorporate the item id parameter as specified here.
  • Event categories: categories that will be included within the event listing.
  • Event locations: locations that will be included in the event listing.
  • Event tags: the tags of the events that will be included within the listing.
  • Event Speakers: you can choose to filter events based on specific speakers assigned.
  • Event Sponsors: you can choose to display events that have specific sponsors assigned.

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