How to replicate the Upcoming Events module from the demo website

If you've seen the RSEvento! demo website, you might have taken a liking to the Upcoming events module. As you can see, the module presented there is quite different than the default one that can be downloaded from in terms of looks (the functionality is the same).

This difference in layout and style is actually employed by RSEvento! itself, as it includes a template override for this module (among others). If you want to get the same results as on the demo website, please apply the following:

  • Download the module and install it.
  • Head to Extensions >> Module Manager >> look for RSEvents!Pro Upcoming events and edit it.
  • Click on the Position button and select after-content (this is the exact position used on the demo website, and the only one in which the module will be displayed using that style and layout)
  • Refresh the page you wish to display the module on, in the frontend

You can read more on RSEvento!'s Module Positions to get a better idea on how to best make use of them.

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