How to use the Mega Menu feature

Each menu item you add will provide an additional tab for you to setup this, called "Additional Menu Params".

RSEvento! - mega menu settings

Configuration options:

  • Icon: you can choose an icon for your main menu.
  • Enable Mega Menu? : No/Yes - if this is disabled, regular sub-menu items will be shown instead.
  • Visible only on desktop: No/Yes - if this is enabled, Mega Menu will not show on mobile/tablet devices.
  • Mega Menu Builder: this allows choosing from predefined layout variations:
    • 1 Column Layout
    • 2 Columns Layout
    • 2 Columns Variation 1 Layout
    • 2 Columns Variation 2 Layout
    • 3 Columns Layout
    • 4 Columns Layout


The above screenshot shows the "2 Columns Variation 1 Layout" selected and within each box of the Mega Menu Builder a custom module position was selected. Note that these positions aren't actually part of the template, instead, when you assign a module position, you can also type your own non-existing position. Afterwards, you can select it via the Mega Menu Builder functionality.

Important: this will only work on main menu items and not on sub-menu items.

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