Create an unlimited publishing time entry

Among RSDirectory!'s core fields (mandatory to all forms) you will find the publishing-period field. Using it, you can impose a time frame in which the entry will be available for view, after which it will be automatically unpublished (but not completely removed).

The field also allows setting up an unlimited publishing period, should you choose to offer this option to your entry owners.


To enable it, please follow these steps:

  • Head to Components >> RSDirectory! >> Fields >> look for the publishing-period field and edit it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Add new button (with a green + icon next to its caption)
  • Two (2) inputs will be added: Period (the number of days the entry will be published for) and Credits (the credit cost associated with the publishing period). Set Period to 0 and type in the desired credit cost
  • Save the field's configuration and you're done

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