Add a new publishing period

The Publishing period core field provides the ability to set a publishing period for an entry, after which the entry will be automatically unpublished. The field can also be configured to offer the option to automatically republish the entry after the publishing period expires (credits will automatically be subtracted from the owner's account).

The field offers the possibility to create an unlimited number of periods (selectable, in the frontend, through a drop-down), this is not limited to only a single publishing period. Note that you will need to specify a different credit cost for each of them.

To add more publishing periods, head to Components >> RSDirectory! >> Fields >> edit the Publishing period field >> scroll down to Period and click on Add new. Two textboxes will be added to the field's editing layout:

  • Period: Specify any number of days the entry will be published for
  • Credits: Specify a credit cost for the current publishing period

To remove a publishing period, simply click on the orange "-" (minus) button located to its right side.

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