Migrate RSDirectory! from Joomla! 2.5 to 3.x

There are 2 ways in which this can be done: you can either use the built-in Backup / Restore feature or by manually transferring the database tables. We will explain both methods in this article.


Backup / Restore

In Components >> RSDirectory! >> Tools you will find 2 tabs, Backup and Restore. You can use the Backup tab to automatically generate a ZIP archive containing RSDirectory!'s database tables, just click on Start and save the archive that will get generated:


Then, to restore the archive, head to Components >> RSDirectory! >> Tools >> Restore, select An uploaded archive in the Restore from * field and provide the path to the previously created archive:



If, for some reason, you cannot access the Backup / Restore feature, you can manually transfer the relevant data as follows:

Using a database manager (like phpMyAdmin), backup the following tables:

  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_config
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_countries
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_credit_packages
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_email_messages
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_entries
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_entries_credits
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_entries_custom
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_entries_reported
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_favorites
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_fields
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_fields_dependencies
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_fields_properties
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_field_types
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_forms
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_forms_custom_fields
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_forms_fields
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_groups
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_groups_relations
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_reviews
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_uploaded_files
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_uploaded_files_categories_relations
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_uploaded_files_fields_relations
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_users_credits
  • dbprefix_rsdirectory_users_transactions


Before exporting any database tables, make sure to first update RSDirectory!, on both websites, to the latest revision.


Transferring the image files

The component includes, as a core field, the Images field. Through this field you can upload images and associate them with an entry. Naturally, when migrating the component, you will need to also transfer these files as well. They are stored, for each entry separately, under paths of the following form:


where x is the entry's unique ID (it can be found in the Components >> RSDirectory! >> Entries listing).

RSDirectory! categories are designed in such manner so that thumbnails can be associated with them. These thumbnails are stored under the following path:



The categories are stored in the default Joomla! dbprefix_categories table, you will need to transfer this table from the old website to the new one as well.


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