What does RSComments! do?

RSComments! completes your Joomla! based site. Unlike other Content Management Systems, Joomla! does not have an integrated commenting component. This is where RSComments! comes into place. Easy to configure, flexible and versatile, this will allow you to enable comments on your site within minutes after installation.


So why should you have a comment component installed on your site ? RSComments! will basically allow you to get in touch with your website community, exchange opinions and receive feedback on various articles, products or various content items published on your site, thus, making your visitors more involved and improve your visit return rate.

We know it is hard to exchange components once you installed them. We thought of this and developed import plugins from common already existing commenting systems (JComments, JomComments, JoomlaComment and JXComments). Furthermore, a general importing feature was also added. This will allow you to import almost from any table that resides in your current Data Base (and yes, the functionality on the specialized importing plugins can be replicated with this feature).

Spam! Always a problem. The new RSJoomla creation, RSComments!, addresses this issue too. It integrates by default with Akismet, thus drastically decreasing the chance to receive spam and flood comments. This is not all: standard CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA features.

Watch the frontend presentation
Watch the backend presentation
RSComments! features

Here is a list of some of the RSComments! features, but we encourage a visit to our demo site to get a look and feel of the component:

  • Compatibility:
    • Joomla! 3.x
    • Joomla! 4.x - beta version

    We do not advise to update your live sites to Joomla! 4, the current compatibility is only meant for tests on your development servers.

  • Integrates with Joomla! articles
  • Spam and flood protection
  • Back-end editor button for enabling comments
  • Integration with Akismet
  • Built-in captcha and reCaptcha integration
  • Accepts avatars from Gravatar, CB, JomSocial, Kunena and FireBoard
  • Custom layouts to display the comments
  • E-mail notifications
  • Voting on comments
  • Smilies & BBcode
  • Ajax validation when submitting comments
  • Censor words
  • Enable RSS on comments
  • Groups with permissions
  • Easy import from 3rd party commenting components
  • Gloabal mask for date and time
  • Configurable comment messages: closed, denied, notification, subscription

If you have any component related questions, please address the forum or our support staff.


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