The Overview panel can be accessed via the Components > RSComments! path. This offers a control center for all the component's functionality, making it more easy to use.

Accessing the "Overview" panel will display the following component sections:

  • Comments: A list of all the comments that have been added to your site will be displayed here. Editing and basic actions such as publishing and unpublishing can made here.
  • Emoticons: A list of emoticons available for use. Editing and Deleting (Adding custom emoticons) is available here
  • Subscriptions: A list of current comment subscriptions. A subscription will allow you to better track a comment conversation.
  • Groups: Configurable permissions based on user's category: Public Front-end, Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher, Public Back-end, Manager, Administrator, Super Administrator
  • Import: Available import options - general importer and specific import from importer (JComments, JomComments, JoomlaComment and JXComments).
  • Messages: In this area you can edit the following:
    • Text when commenting is closed
    • Text when a user has no rights to comment
    • Notification Message
    • Subscription Message
    • Terms and Conditions
  • Configuration: General global RSComments! settings.
  • Updates: Latest version check and RSJoomla updates.

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