How can i enable comments on a page ?

To enable comments on a particular content page you simply have to write the following syntax:

{rscomments on}

Commenting can also be disabled without unpublishing all comments - basically not allow new comments on that particular page. Just use the following syntax instead:

{rscomments off}

When a visitor will try to comment on a page that {rscomments off} it will receive the Closed comment message, available for configuration in the Components > RSComments! > Messages area.

If you would like to embed the comments into a third party component, the process is the same, but a different syntax is needed:

{rscomments option="com_componentname" id="unique_id"}

You can also display the comments counter on your desired pages with the help of the following syntax:

{rscomments_no option="com_componentname" id="unique_id"}


If you are need to add comments to a RSEvents!Pro item, that resides for example, at the following URL:

The commenting syntax (that can be placed in the event description for example) will be:

{rscomments option="com_rseventspro" id="12"}

The syntax for displaying the comments counter will be

{rscomments_no option="com_rseventspro" id="12"}

You can add multiple instances of the commenting form on your page by repeating the syntax itself, however, either the id or the option attribute needs to be unique so that the comments are associated with the correct commenting form instance.

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