How can i enable comments on a page ?

To enable comments on a particular content page you simply have to write the following syntax:

{rscomments on}

Commenting can also be disabled without unpublishing all comments - basically not allow new comments on that particular page. Just use the following syntax instead:

{rscomments off}

When a visitor will try to comment on a page that {rscomments off} it will receive the Closed comment message, available for configuration in the Components > RSComments! > Messages area.

If you would like to embed the comments into a third party component, the process is the same, but a different syntax is needed:

{rscomments option="com_componentname" id="unique_id"}

You can also display the comments counter on your desired pages with the help of the following syntax:

{rscomments_no option="com_componentname" id="unique_id"}


If you are need to add comments to a RSEvents! item, that resides for example, at the following URL:

The commenting syntax (that can be placed in the event description for example) will be:

{rscomments option="com_rsevents" id="12"}

The syntax for displaying the comments counter will be

{rscomments_no option="com_rsevents" id="12"}

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