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Pl add Pagination rel next and previous tag option

by modigagan on 14 Aug 2013 09:17 | 3864 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Pl provide option for users where they can enable rel next and rel previous tag in pagination pages

This is critical as Google Webmaster team repeatedly highliting this things as critical for doing SEO on pagination. An option should be given where users if indicating that page is a pagination page - should have rel next and previous tag coming in

Gagan - 02.11.2013 (10:15:10)

Hello, I think your component is excellent, but with Google is asking site owners to add rel next and previous tags for Pagination Pages My suggestion is in back end there should be an option in form of 'checkbox' for site admin to click, if the page is part of pagination series If that pagination checkbox is clicked, it should display an option for site owner to mention 2 2 url - one as theimmediate previous page and second one as immediate next page Once done - rel next and rel previous tag should be applied accordingly. Pl implement - This is suggested by Google to adopt as Basic Standard SEO Practice for Pagination Pages


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