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Quiz forms

by darrellj on 28 May 2013 21:20 | 2686 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Would be great to see RSform!Pro extended to allow creation of "Quiz forms"

The potential is currently there with some custom coding, but it would be nice to see this a built in feature.

This would require different question types like
Simple response (text field)
Simple Calculated question (text field with Javascript compare)
Multichoice (checkbox group)
Essay (Text area)
Short-Answer (text field with Javascript compare)
True/False (Checkbox)
Numerical (text field which allows for Mathtype input and validation)

Jonathan Roza Magoga - 03.07.2018 (22:32:39)
A quiz is possible, and doesn't take much


I have done a quiz with RS Forms Pro.
It was not the easiest of tasks, but entirely doable.
If you want my code for it, you can have it.



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