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RSformsPro: ACL checks for each of the the admin views.

by darrellj on 28 May 2013 20:37 | 5240 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Feature Request for RSformsPro: add ACL checks on each of the the admin views and View Access Levels for forms.

I love the ability to add Forms to the backend menu, but for this feature to be successfully implemented additional ACL controls need to be added so backend users only have access to the specific RSformsPro extension views they need. The current ACL Configure and Access Administration Interface options are not granular enough to give access to a form, or view, without giving access to the whole admin portion of the component. I don't want backend users seeing or having access to more than the views assigned to them or the specific form I want them to fill out.

The backend users should also not see the extension menu when accessing a form from the backend menu.

Additionally it would be valuable to have the ability to assign ViewAccessLevels to specific forms, allowing me to display form A to backend usergroup A, form B to backend Usergroup B, form P to public, and form R to frontend usergroup R (currently frontend form View Access Level can be controlled by the menu item the form is assigned to, but it would be nice to also have that control in the form properties and linked to the menu access level).

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