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Antivirus for website

by ZARKON on 11 Mar 2013 12:27 | 4504 Hits | 1 comment(s)

I have collected some suggestions regarding functionality. It's just a wish. Without claims.
1) You can add a column "Attempts to access" in the table on page Blacklist/Whitelist. What there can see how much time a given IP address tries to access the site. And the column "The last attempt to access." What there are the date and time of the last attempt to reach the site.
2) I would like to be able to add files, which was allegedly found "virus" when checking the site «Scanning your files for common malware», the exceptions. Create a "white list".
3) Really, really want to be able to scan the entire site (all files) in the likeness «Scanning the integrity of your Joomla! (CMS) files ». But do not compare with the reference hash. For example, make a "control" test of the site. And then, show what files have been changed, deleted or added as compared to the "control" test. This is how some of the "antivirus" for websites do. Ability to set the directories, files and file extensions to exclude from the scan.
4) Ability to block access to the administrative part of the site by IP.
5) Ability to hide the addresses of the administrative part of the site. For example, adding a "secret key" http://aleksius.com/administrator/?gf6yfr. As in jSecure Authentication.
6) Log all inputs to the administrative part with the ability to send messages to administrator about attempts of unauthorized access.

Octavian Cinciu - 19.06.2013 (04:20:18)

1) That would create unnecesarry overhead. People want attackers to be banned, they have no need for other info.
2) You can skip certain files or directories by going to Firewall Configuration > System Check > Ignore files and folders.
3) The hashing system ensures that all hashes are correct - this means that if you install RSFirewall! on a modified Joomla! CMS it will be able to tell you which files were modified. In your case there's a big chance you'll probably be creating hashes based on an already modified files.
4) If you really want to block access to the /administrator section you can simply use .htaccess to define just the IPs that are allowed to enter. That's how most people do it since it's the best way.
5) This is why the "Additional Backend Password" feature already exists in RSFirewall!.
6) All logs are stored in the System Logs and the administrator(s ) are alerted based on the "System Logging" settings from the Firewall Configuration.


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