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forms plugin for VirtueMart

by anonymous on 15 Jul 2010 04:10 | 10094 Hits | 2 comment(s)

Hi, for a long time many people in the VirtueMart (VM) community have been looking to add extra fields into products.

A VM hack has been developed but it's very hard to use. To implement it you pretty much need to be a full time php developer.

It would be awesome if RSJoomla could develop a plugin that would let you put in an RSForm Pro form into VM products.

RSForm Pro is the best form component and VM is the best shopping cart component. Image if you could combine them.

Increasingly clients are asking me to build them sites with this kind of functionality, there is a huge market for it...

CIWebMarketing - 08.05.2015 (20:08:03)
Very useful

I would pay for a plugin that mapped virtuemart fields into rsforms db that then let me pull out say a list of jobs for the day - so filter by vendor, manufacturer and/or date.

Also able to effect an order status change after delivering a widget or seeing a client.


Ritesh - 24.08.2011 (18:03:33)
I agree

I fully agree with this,
I have a webshop and i need to have this for my customers...

Can you please develop a plugin?


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