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At the Door Registration and ticket validation

by msnoeck on 22 Feb 2013 15:47 | 1784 Hits | 1 comment(s)


There are several Event Registration suppliers, who give the possibility to sell tickets at the door.
This is offline possible.
And also to register if tickets are use, and only once.

What I was thinking of are the following.
1. Added an function to export the needed information, to use later during scanning the tickets.
2. Create an offline program, that can be very small with xampp for example, standalone joomla, small reeventspro implementation.
3. At this offline version of RSEventsPro, an import funtion to read sold tickets for specific event.
4. In the front and scan possibility, to check tickets.

This is just an Idea

Peter Walker - 21.06.2013 (14:05:46)

make this for frontend users who create there own events and sell tickets to them


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