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Use more/custom fields from RSForm!Pro on PDF ticket

by inkoop07 on 18 Feb 2013 15:41 | 2020 Hits | 1 comment(s)

Instead of just the standard {user} and {TicketInfo}, I would like to be able to use custom fields from my RSForm!Pro subscription form on the PDF ticket for my events.

Jami Dennis - 13.03.2013 (12:46:08)
Enhancements to PDF Ticket

This is a great idea and I also think that in addition to being able to add fields from the RsFormPro registration form connected with an event, that the ability to open/print/save the PDF ticket from the subscriber page would be very helpful at events.

in other words, on the day of the event, registratants (subscribers) check in - the admin at the desk uses the Subscribers list (subscriptions) for the event to check if they've paid and checks them in. often the attendee needs a copy of their invoice/ticket as well. If this was added as a new column on the subscriptions page, it would be very helpful! It would also help to have an additional field that can be toggled on/off for whether or not they have actually checked in or not. Tecnically you can do this with the 'status' field, but in our case we need both a Payment status and an attendance status.


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