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redirection to external directory ( incl additional information of offer ) if rs firrewall blocking ip range

by pyziak on 07 Feb 2013 17:16 | 8241 Hits | 2 comment(s)

For example. I've a special offer for customers from locked country with RS Firewall. I'd like to redirect all connections from IP's reange to external ( to Joomla! installation ) directory.

pyziak - 12.02.2013 (16:43:26)

exactly, but it could be anything eg. landing page for customers, special warning messages for intruders. i thought about e-commerce websites where rs firewall will redirect all connections from blocked ip range to external directory with special offer/rules for customers from this locked country. it is still security aspect but also some kind of e-commerce feature.


Adriani - 08.02.2013 (04:05:00)

U mean if one country is locked the RS Firewall Component redirects directly to external directory ( not Joomla directory )all locked IP ranges of this country and there customers can see e.g landing page ?


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