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Separated Support for non-Registered Users

by meest.hellas on 18 Nov 2012 09:02 | 2229 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Need to separate Support Departments for Registered and non-Registered users, because if non-Registered user Submit a Ticket, automatically created "temporary" user with poor data (name, login, password and e-mail).

And if the site use RSForm!Pro like custom Registration Form with many rich fields (like birthday, subscribes channel in MailChimp, sex, additional address fields) these non-Registered users which Submit a Ticket are "trash-users", who can not return in future. And we lose cleanliness list of real-need users.

Therefore it is necessary for non-Registered Users to give Support Departments, which work only with this user's category (For example: non-Reg users see only General departments).

All registered users can see all Departments.

P.S. non-Reg user can get message, that "Registered users have more quality, quicker Support. Please, register"

P.P.S. non-Reg users must be marked i DB as TempUsers (or like smth else)

P.P.P.S. If non-Reg user returns for respond (he login on site for read answer for your question) then he must to forced to custom Registration Form (if RSForm!Pro installed) for fill full user data.

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