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by areiser on 08 Nov 2012 11:38 | 5391 Hits | 2 comment(s)

There is currently no grouping element. Adding the HTML fielset element would provide some nicer output for large forms without the need for manual layout overrides in RSForm.
Additionally, this will allow for custom CSS layouts, again, without disabling automatic overrides.
I found manual overrides to cause a lot of additional work even when making only small changes in large forms.

Marcel van der Kruk - 25.06.2014 (06:36:24)

If this also enables showing or hiding fieldsets based upon conditions it would be great !


RPPEO - 19.11.2012 (07:48:52)
Better layout options

The current RSForms! package does a great job of setting up a form, but it is a butt ugly looking form unless you are willing to create your own styles which is more work than should be required. Using some logical grouping with in a form that includes some style options is already included in free form builders like Breezing Forms. Disappointed in how much manual work is required with RS tools in general, forms PRO is very clumsy.


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