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Custom event information field

by robijo7 on 24 Oct 2012 20:55 | 4334 Hits | 4 comment(s)

Add one or two custom event fields to the event information form which will display with the other event details at the top of an event listing.

Might be used for additional details about an event that are important enough to be included somewhere other than the event detail field.

For example, it could be used to display the ticket prices of an event for sites that do not sell tickets, but merely provide the information. It could also be used for an age suitability label for each event.

Alexandru Plapana - 23.09.2014 (04:10:33)

@Andre, I agree with you on this one - but this will address a rather small portion of RSEvents!Pro users (namely those who do have a solid Joomla! framework knowledge).

I have switched the status to this request to "Accepted".

Thank you for your time.


Kostya Shevchenko - 22.09.2014 (21:49:49)

It would be great enough if RSEvents started using standard Joomla triggers (e.g. "onContentP repareForm", "onContentP repareData") and standard Joomla back-end forms rendering - that would allow us to inject new tabs with whatever fields we may want.


Simon - 15.05.2013 (12:25:48)
I strongly agree

I'm currently looking for an event management extension for a clients website (event promoter) and the only thing putting me off buying this extension is the lack of custom fields for events.

Please add this feature


David Gough - 24.10.2012 (21:12:35)
I Strongly Agree

We also need the ability to create additional fields - in our case it is for age groups for schools education activities. I can see others wanting this too - 18+ Events for example.
Several of the other events management extensions provide this facility, but I particularly chose RSEventsPro because of its integration with RSFormsPro. Unfortunately, I didn't expect that I couldn't add extra fields in the evnts information.

Please add this feature to this excellent extension.

Regards, David


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