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Great products!

by gregwh on 22 Oct 2012 23:58 | 4220 Hits | 0 comment(s)

I just saw RSMedia Events Pro for the first time and I have sites on which I can use it though not up for update at this moment.

I would encourage you to send out regular - say quarterly and as something important happens - updates. That way we can stay informed and also it will lead to more sales for you.

If it were not for you sending me an email about RSMediaGallery and me using it and recommending it to others, I wouldnt know about your company and they wouldnt either. Thus, less sales. Now that quite a few extra people know about you, the possibility of future sales is better for you but if you dont keep emailing regularly to all people interested, like me, you lose some sales as people look for and find extensions elsewhere. Your RSMedia Gallery came right at the right time when I was putting a photography site together and you emailed us to let us know it was there! So keep sending regular emails. It is the best way to keep us informed and get you sales!

One site I own and di for myself gets about 70,000 hits a month and out of that about 1500 unique visitors. I was able to get this rating quickly simply because in every outgoing email I send, I put a link to the site in there. When people send me jokes and I forward them, they usually dont remove the from names etc when they forward them. In that way, my link with a description about what it is goes around the world. My site reports that out of the 70,000 odd a month that come to my site, over 97% is from email clicks. So, if you keep emailing and keep putting your link in every single email you have and also ask everyone else to do the same, it is quite possible you may increase visitors and sales. Worth the try as it doesnt cost you anything!!


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