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Tags rsform in rseventspro

by booija on 11 Sep 2012 08:28 | 4321 Hits | 2 comment(s)

I would like the tags in rsform have created a form for tickets RseventsPRO can also be shown in Rseventspro, and then in the PDF as in the email to the administrator of each event are sent

Alexandru Plapana - 17.06.2014 (02:31:29)

I would call this a bug, but i do understand from a rather simplistic point of view this would seem like it. Since RSEvents!Pro 1.6.0, you can now override RSEvents!Pro emails with RSForm!Pro ones, thus taking of advantage of all the extra flexibility.

The corresponding blog post explains just this:



Allround schepenverhuur Oxalex - 05.08.2013 (06:25:18)
Tags RD Form in RSeventspro

This RS events PRO is working perfect but its really a BUG that Phone number and other fields cannot been showed in the registration emails... This cost me every time extra time to login as administrator.

I hope this can be changed soon.

Gr, Alex


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