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Series Events Payments - Feature Request

by simon-rs on 27 Jun 2012 18:35 | 2722 Hits | 1 comment(s)


Since it is possible to create a series of of events - by creating a recurring event it would be nice to be able to pay for the entire series, instead of each event individually.

Things to consider:
1) Just paying for the series does not mean you will attend all events, so you should be able to unsubscribe - or mark non-attendance - from individual events.
2) It should be possible to pay for the series at any time with a special ticket as well as individual events at the regular price (other discounts notwithstanding)

I'm sure other people could suggest other enhancements, things to watch out for, but I really think this feature is needed in the context of events, events management and planing and event ticketing.

InfoTeam Corporation - 24.07.2012 (16:07:47)

This is a good idea, but if this is implemented, it would need to be optional, because sometimes recurring events are not part of a series.

In my case I use RSEvents! Pro to allow people to register for tours. The tours are given daily on almost every day of the year. So, instead of manually creating a new event for each day of the year, I set the original as recurring and any changes to the event will apply to all.

If this suggestion is implemented without being optional, it will totally break my site.


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