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Season Tickets

by simon-rs on 15 May 2012 20:55 | 1477 Hits | 0 comment(s)

The limitations on Events and Event pricing in RSEvents underlines that this module was really only produced with certain types of events of mind and flexibility beyond this is not really present. For example, Season Tickets are not catered for at all. I would like the following scenario to be catered for - and this should be relatively easy to integrate without huge code rewriting as all the information is stored in the DB already.............................

Say you have 13 events in a series and each event is $10, but you want to sell a series pass (or Season Ticket) for $100. At the point of purchase to event1 you can decide to pay either $10 or pay the $100. If you pay the $10 you are registered for one event (event1) in the series and you're finished, you will have to do the same for each event (event2, event3, etc). I think this is normal and understandable....................

If, however, you decide to purchase the series for $100 then although you still have to register for each event (there are reasons not to have automatic registration) when the user returns to register for event2, then......................:

:: the system should recognise that the user has a series pass and utilise that when s/he reaches the payment screen and insert that as the default option. If the user then wishes to purchase a separate extra ticket (for a friend or guest) then that purchase can be made at that point.

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