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RSForm! Pro Integration with BatchBook CRM

by paulm4 on 14 May 2012 11:34 | 2932 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Batchbook is a social CRM system, often much better suited to the needs of small growing businesses that large and expensive solutions such as Salesforce or MS Dynamics CRM.

Batchbook incorporates form creation, but without the flexibility and functionality of RSForms! Pro. Integration of these products would give users the ability to maintain this functionality and the direct integration with MailChimp, whilst allowing use of a CRM well suited to our needs.

As a business, we have trialled and tested many CRM systems and find Batchbook well suited to our needs, when Salesforce would have been several times the monthly cost. Batchbook also, in our opinion has a simple to use interface and will get used where other CRMs just have too much complexity, often never required.

All we need now is RSForms! Pro integration with Batchbook, and I do hope others will also find this a useful addition.

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