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Repeating Events

by pamela on 20 Feb 2012 21:19 | 1507 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Would really like to know the best way to add events that happen every Friday from 9 to 12, from now until the end of the year.

Every way I have tried, if one item changes,
1. I have to go back in and change every single one of them. This is impractical.
2. I also don't need to see a 52 listings for the same event, There are 7 "events/workshops" held weekly and multiple days of the week. I do not want to sort thru over 1,000 events to figure out which still need to be edited.
3. Would prefer one event record, change it and it's changed for all instances. Repeating dates would appear, and if a date is not going to happen (Thanksgiving for example) it could be extracted individually.
4. If I sort by event title, edit, save, it takes me back to sorted by date, which means sort, figure out where I was, edit, save, repeat. SO PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DO #3 if it's possible.

Also, just created an event, and it isn't allowing me to click on repeat, it's grayed out. Events created prior to moving the site to a new host can be clicked on, but can't do any new ones.


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