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How about a RSJoomla Product Catalog?

by s0801634 on 04 Jul 2011 15:05 | 2645 Hits | 0 comment(s)

Hi there,

I´m looking for a Product Catalog on Joomla.

The basics are available at the DJ Catalog 2 from dj-extensions.com, but I´m missing some gimmicks...

What should this extension do?

1.) Create a product catalog, where you couls manage your products (in my case: Travel packages).

2.) Overview in Table style (thumbnail, name, description, price, producer)

3.) From this overview you can click on an item to get the item details.

4.) Picture and attachment managemend included

5.) RSforms integration

There are some more specifications I would like to see...

Hope this will meet the other users opinion?!?

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