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RS Quiz component is really missing from the products of RS Joomla

by mindenaron on 23 Jun 2011 19:23 | 9441 Hits | 8 comment(s)

I would welcome a component for testing purposes. That quiz component should handle different question types, unlimited question categories and test items in each category. The question types should be highly customizable and the outlook of the test in the front end can also be variable. At the end of the test, the test taker should see a detailed assessment of the test. There should be so many option that it is impossible to list but it should work something like the testing part in moodle or even better. The component should be integrated with other RS Joomla products, too (like RS MEmbership, or Rs Form)

Aron - 14.07.2011 (02:56:04)
if you get down to do this ...

If you happen to get down to this project, I have lots of other good ideas that could be implemeted into this new extension making it the best joomla test component ever. These ideas include using regular expressions, other useful question pool options, and many more. You can contact me if you need a lay but enthusiastic customer's perspective on this. I would make it if I were you because I bet this would be your number one best seller in no time. Are you thinking of such a component? Keep up with the good work, anyway!


Jozef Piros - 13.07.2011 (08:11:13)
when is is ready?

Hey guys, when is it gonna be ready? When it is, I'll be a customer. Anyway, there is a great need for such a component out there. Go get it!


Laurent Suppan - 11.07.2011 (03:19:35)
Great ideas

Wow... That's an extensive list of ideas, but I must say that I totally agree with you. I honestly hope our friends at RSJoomla will consider this extension :)


Aron - 09.07.2011 (03:11:01)

• tags for different functionality in question text: offering complex types of cloze tests with fill-in-the blanks and drag&drops. Partial scores for question types. Distarctors with no matching solutions in the questions making tests more difficult.
• the possibility to add various multimedia to questions in tests (pictures, audio, video)
• grouping of tests into products, learning paths
• creating menu items for one test, one group of test, one learning path, users test results previously taken, tests in one category, tests in a given number of category, all tests available.
• publish / unpublish tests
• Language files
• upload test certificate picture, editing it with the help of different variables.

Any ideas are welcomed. Do join in and share your opinion.


Aron - 09.07.2011 (03:10:20)
ideas part 2

• Passing score in % or in points. Scores as whole numbers and fractional points.
• Test grading according to first attempt, last attempt, average score, highest score.
• Random questions, question pools for each test category.
• Allow users to email results, allow users to print results in pdf
• enable question feedback, enable detailed test review for users. Final quiz statistics / reports for admins, track statistics by viewing different d
• Upload questions from xls or csv
• Export / import of tests
• Different question types (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill-in-the blank, Hotspot, Ordering, Matching, Drag&Drop, Survey, Matching Drop Down, FREE-not graded)
• Different themes which can be edited by user. Flexibility of what is shown on the screen.
• Admin can edit CSS of different question types, input boxes. Custom CSS.
• One question on one page, all questions on one page, admin can separate them as he wishes by adding separating lines.


Aron - 09.07.2011 (03:09:22)
some more ideas

I'd like to add some more ideas what this component should be capable of
RSQuiz features:
• Social network integration
• Integration with other RSJoomla products in a lot of different ways: eg. for example selling quizzes (RSMembership!) , comment on quizzes (RSComments!), connect it to a blog (RSBlog!) user can give feedback on tests (RSFeedback!), connecting tests before or after events (RSEvents!) download materials (RSFiles!). There are a lot of other possibilities.
• Different access right for different user levels. Assigning tests with particular users who can take the test, no other users. Highly adjustable access settings.
• Unlimited test categories, unlimited questions.
• Users can resume tests where they left.
• Setting the test start date when it is available, setting closing dates, setting time limits number of attempts to tests or question in one test. Setting time limit before a user can take a test again.


Aron - 07.07.2011 (15:00:10)
idea accepted

I do agree with the need of an LMS with the capability of adding SCORM packages. Perhaps it would also be a good idea to separate the two so there would be an RSQuiz! and an RSLMS! In this case RSLMS would contain all the features of RSQuiz. There are a lot of people who don't need a full-featured LMS, only a good testing solution. That would also be good for people with lower budgets. Indeed, the idea of an LMS is welcomed.


Laurent Suppan - 05.07.2011 (09:38:12)

I completely support this idea, but would love even more to see a full Learning Management System component with the same specs as the might-once-be-released JeniusLMS (www.jeniuslms.com).
The support of SCORM packages and the generation of customizable PDF certificates would be, IMHO, incredibly useful.


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